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Introduction to Data Science

Introduction to Data Science – Introduction to Machine Learning – What is Python – Role ofPython in Machine Learning and Python –Installing Python – Python IDE’s – JupyterNotebook Installation and usage.

Python Packages

What is package – Advantage of usingpackages over core Python – Pandas – Numpy– Sci-kit Learn – Mat-plot library.

Manipulating data

Selecting rows / observations – RoundingNumbers – Selecting columns and fields –Merging data – Data aggregation – Datamunging techniques.


Probability Basics – What is meant byprobability, Types, ODDS ratio – StandardDeviation – Data deviation andDistribution , Variance. Bias variantTradeoff – Underfitting, Overfitting.Distance metrics - Euclidean Distance,Manhattan Distance. Outlier analysis -What is an Outlier?, Inter Quartile Range,Box & whisker plot, Upper Whisker, LowerWhisker, Scatter plot, Cook’s Distance, -Missing Value treatment - What is NA?,Central Imputation, KNN imputation,Dummification. Correlation - Pearsoncorrelation, positive & Negativecorrelation.

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning - Linear Regression,Linear Equation, Slope, Intercept, R squarevalue, Logistic regression, ODDS ratio,Probability of success, Probability of failureBias Variance Tradeoff, ROC curve, BiasVariance Tradeoff –

Unsupervised Learning - K-Means, K-Means ++, Hierarchical Clustering - SVM -Support Vectors, Hyperplanes, 2-D Case,Linear Hyperplane - SVM Kernal – Linear,Radial, Polynomial

SQL Introduction

Select query - Sub Query - Regular Expressions Functions andConditions in SQL - Date and Time in SQL - SQL Privileges

Automation Testing (Selenium)

Selenium topics:

S-1: Introduction to Selenium

Introduction to automation
Comparison between manual and automation
Automation life cycle
What is selenium?
Why selenium with java?
Selenium components
Difference between QTP and selenium

S-2: Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE introduction
Selenium IDE installation
Record and run selenium IDE script
Selenium IDE commands types
Verifying page elements
Inspecting elements in a webpage
Understanding locators-ID, name, Xpath, CSS attributes

S-3: Selenium Webdriver

Introduction to selenium Webdriver
Selenium Webdriver architecture
Selenium Webdriver installation
Creating new java projects and classes in Eclipse
Browser commands
Navigation commands
Accessing elements using Locators
Handling web elements-test box, links, radio button and check boxes

S-4: Selenium handles

Handling window and multiple windows using selenium Webdriver
Handling Alerts in selenium Webdriver
Handling dropdown in selenium Webdriver
Handling calendar popups
Taking Screenshots

S-5: Creating and Customizing Xpath/ AutoIT

What is XPath
When to Use XPath
Absolute XPath/Relative Xpath
Handling dynamic web tables
Installing AutoIT
Components of AutoIT
Using Finder Tool
AutoIT commands
Creating Scripts in AutoIT
Creating executable files
Running AutoIT Scripts from Selenium

S-6: Synchronization and JXL

What is synchronization?
Implicit Wait
Fluent Wait
What is JXL?
Read Excel using JXL
Write Excel using JXL

S-7: Junit framework

What is framework?
Junit introduction
Junit installation
Junit test script
Junit annotations
Junit assertions
Junit parametrization tests

S-8: TestNG framework

Advantages of TestNG over JUnit
Why do we need TestNG in Selenium?
Installing TestNG in Eclipse
Creating a New TestNG Test File
Test annotation
Running the Test
Checking reports created by TestNG
Generating HTML Reports
Annotations used in TestNG
Validating Tests with Assertions
Creating multiple Tests
Prioritizing Tests

S-9: TestNG Parametrization

Parameterizing Tests with @parameter
Parameterizing Tests with @data Provider
TestNG data Provider with Excel
Creating and Running Test Suites with TestNG.xml
Parallel Test Execution with TestNG
Cross Browser Testing using TestNG

S-10: Selenium frameworks

Introduction to framework
About framework
Use of framework
Different types of frameworks
Different types of packages in framework
Data driven framework
Apache POI
Read and write Excel file using Apache POI

S-11: Keyword driven framework and hybrid framework

Keyword driven framework introduction
Create test case
Test steps with keywords and data
Run the scripts
Writing result in excel
hybrid driven framework introduction
Create test case using HDF
Test steps with both DDT and KDF
Run the scripts
Writing result in excel

S-12: POM (Page Object Model) & page factory

What is POM
Why POM?
Advantages of POM
Creating POM Tests
What is Page Factory?
Creating Tests with Page Factory
Implementing POM
Sample scripts for implementation

S-13: LOG4j

Introduction about Logging
Logging problems without Log4J
How to solve Logging problem with Log4J?
What is Layout?
Different types of Layouts in Log4J
What is Appenders?
Different types of Appenders

S-14: Maven and Jenkins

What is Maven and Why Maven?
Installing/Configuring Maven
Creating Maven Project
Importing Maven Project into Eclipse
What is POM.xml?
Adding Dependencies to POM.xml
Installing/Configuring Jenkins
Scheduling Test Execution in Jenkins
Auto mail configuration in Jenkins
What is continues integration?
Continues integration with JENKINS

S-15: Cucumber framework

Introduction to framework
Cucumber installation
Sample script using cucumber framework
Data driven testing using cucumber